The Postdoctoral Programme application period is now closed.

AstraZeneca is seeking talented scientists who are interested in pursuing an academic-style Postdoc in a global pharmaceutical setting and contributing to AstraZeneca’s commitment to delivering innovative medicines and developing the next generation of scientists. This world-class internal pharmaceutical Postdoctoral research program spans the full Innovative Medicines (IMED) spectrum and range of scientific disciplines.

Mene Pangalos, EVP Innovative Medicines and Early Development, provides insight into the new, cutting-edge research projects the programme will focus on.

Mene Pangalos“The new projects we are supporting are a great example of our commitment to invest in cutting-edge science. By continuing to enhance our Post-Doc programme we continue to raise the quality of our science base in AstraZeneca, encourage greater innovation across our biotech unit and strengthen our scientific reputation. What’s more, the programme is also a great way of demonstrating our commitment to developing the next generation of scientists.”

This year marks a record number of approved Post-Doc proposals selected for funding.  The Chair of the Post-Doc Committee comments on the high standards of the pre-proposals resulting in this renowned achievement.

Rose Maceiwitz‘They were the best we have seen so far since the programme commenced in June 2011. We took 80 full proposals to the final stage and they rivalled any that I have reviewed for external granting agencies.’ – Rose Maciewicz, Vice President of Innovative Strategy

The AstraZeneca Postdoctoral research program‘s comprehensive training program includes a focus on drug discovery and development, as well as exposure to existing local and global Postdoctoral Research communities within AstraZeneca. Postdoctoral scientists will have the opportunity to conduct independent cutting-edge work in state-of-the-art laboratories while teaming with other AstraZeneca scientists. Each Postdoctoral scientist will also be able to collaborate with a leading academic advisor who will provide further support and guidance. Additionally, the Postdoc will be encouraged to attend and present at international scientific conferences and publish high-profile papers.

Tom, a Senior Research Scientist, who joined AstraZeneca as a Post-Doc in 2010, has gone on to publish five papers on his work and has been able to share his published works with colleagues through Post-Doc symposia and poster sessions that are now part of the programme’s annual cycle.

Tom“AstraZeneca was the only industry placement I applied for. I opted for it because I wanted to work on science where I could see it have a practical application. Being able to focus on a research project as a Post-Doc gives you the time and space to follow the science where it leads,” – Tom, Sr. Research Scientist and Post Doc participant

His work on synthesising novel, partially saturated bicyclic molecules has been taken up by colleagues who are now building on this knowledge and expertise.

To learn more about our Post-Doc Programme, watch the below ‘Day in the life of a Post-Doc’ video, featuring current postdoctoral researchers from the US, UK and Sweden.

What skills do we seek?

We seek motivated, enthusiastic individuals with a good track record from a diverse range of disciplines including biochemistry, physiology, molecular biology, cell biology, pharmacology, computational biology, chemistry (organic, bioorganic, medicinal, synthetic), biophysics, structural biology, DMPK and pharmaceutical development.

Check out our Postdoc Research Program Brochure to learn more.

Last reviewed: January 14, 2015