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  • Career Areas - US Student Internships for 2014

    We now have internship opportunities open in the US, for 2014, in our Wilmington and Newark, DE and Gaithersburg, MD centres Learn more...

  • Career Areas - Now Accepting Applications for Postdoctoral Research Programme Roles

    We are seeking talented scientists who are interested in pursuing an academic-style Postdoc in a global pharmaceutical setting and contributing to AstraZeneca’s commitment to delivering innovative medicines. Learn more…

  • Career Areas - Research Opportunity - At the KI/AZ Integrated Cardio Metabolic Centre (ICMC)

    Karolinska Institutet and AstraZeneca have partnered together to offer this unique opportunity to work in an open academia industry collaboration environment located in Sweden. A study to help shape the future of cardiovascular and metabolic disease. Learn more…

  • Career Areas - Finance Graduate Programme

    Learn more about our world-class programme offering broad professional training and work experience in the UK and Sweden. Learn more…

  • Career Areas - Operations and IT Global Graduate Associates Programme

    Learn more about our high calibre graduates who joined our three year Operations & IT Global Graduate Programme which offers training, vital job experience and a strong support network. Learn more...

  • Career Areas - Pharmaceutical Sales

    As a member of the Sales Team you are the “face” of AstraZeneca to our many healthcare clients. You will be focused on building strong relationships with all key personnel in the office or in a group practice setting. Learn more...

  • Career Areas - Procurement

    Our Pharmaceutical Procurement Team plays a vital role in driving AstraZeneca’s success. A Pharmaceutical Procurement job with us means a chance to contribute to a higher purpose. Learn more...

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Your knowledge, talent and unique student perspective will be valued here at AstraZeneca.

US Internships

Our 2014 Internship programme is now open for applications in certain US locations.

Day in the Life

Employee profiles that will give you a great insight into what life is like at working AstraZeneca.

Important Notice


It has come to our attention that emails have been created and circulated by unknown individuals for the purpose of attempting to defraud candidates.

Potential candidates should be wary of approaches that appear to be offering a job for which they have not applied, especially if personal details or money must be sent in order to proceed with the recruitment. Neither AstraZeneca nor any commissioned third parties recruit in this manner. Such approaches are almost certainly fraudulent attempts to gain details of identity for illegal use.

AstraZeneca is taking all neccessary steps to investigate this matter further. Please check our facebook page for updates on our progress.