Student Opportunities with AstraZeneca

Whatever point you are in your career, at AstraZeneca your talent will be valued across the globe. Here you'll find an energised, supportive environment inspired by innovation and exemplary leaders at every level.

As one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies, ours is a history of breakthroughs in medicine that have made life better for millions. Today it continues as we maintain relationships with cutting-edge research institutions. This gives us even more opportunities to further our mutual passion for medical research, while creating outstanding careers.

We are an innovation-driven, global, biopharmaceutical company, so you’ll be collaborating with people whose ideas are as diverse as the cultures that have shaped them. You’ll find we are full of opportunity, with a vision to save lives through innovative science, collaboration and exceptional service delivery. Committed to operating with integrity and high ethical standards across all our activities, you’ll certainly be surprised where our science can take you.

At AstraZeneca, there are many pharmaceutical career paths and programmes available to you, in locations across the globe. Begin channelling your passion with us.

Last reviewed: August 22, 2016