AstraZeneca’s work environment is dynamic and fosters innovation. We believe where there’s energy, there’s fulfillment. Make the connection. Find your career today at AstraZeneca.

When your goal at the outset is to make a meaningful difference in patient health, inspiration just seems to follow, creating a palpable energy. That’s the energy you’ll experience while working at AstraZeneca.

Then, of course, there’s the energy generated by fulfillment. Simple…but true. We believe genuine job satisfaction comes not just through helping others, but from the way AstraZeneca, as a company, helps our employees. How? By adhering to a few basic guidelines:

Create an environment in which you can live up to your fullest career potential. Specifically, develop talent through education, and leadership. Make available every job opportunity for you to grow.
Balance work with life. AstraZeneca offers the kinds of benefits and rewards that boost morale, ease your mind, and allow you to concentrate on the things that matter most. Both in your pharmaceutical job and at home.

Keeping the lines of communication open. Between employer and employee. We encourage you to question assumptions and systems, because other viewpoints are what keep AstraZeneca moving towards better answers and greater successes.

Last reviewed: April 7, 2014