The greater the diversity of AstraZeneca’s people, the greater our ability to connect with our customers

Valuing and promoting diversity is not a new commitment for AstraZeneca – but we know there is more to do to make sure that diversity, in its broadest sense, is appropriately represented in our leadership, our workforce and our thinking.

At AstraZeneca, Diversity refers to all of the ways in which we are different, including the less visible differences that make each of us unique. We look to create an environment where everyone is valued and can contribute to her/his fullest potential for the success of the business to guide diverse ideas, cultures, beliefs and values that each individual brings.

Diversity can refer to age, background, culture, disability, educational level, employee status, family status, function, gender, language, national origin, organizational level, physical attributes, race, regional origin, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, spiritual or religious beliefs and thinking or working style.

We aim to foster a culture of respect and fairness, where differences are recognised, valued and harnessed, and where individual success depends solely on ability, behaviour, work performance and demonstrated potential. Every manager across AstraZeneca is responsible for ensuring that this happens.

AstraZeneca is an equal opportunities employer. We have a global workforce with a rich diversity of skills, capabilities and creativity.

We value highly the benefits that such diversity can bring to our individual employees, to our stakeholders and ultimately to our business. Our continuing challenge is to ensure that diversity is appropriately supported in our workforce, reflected in our leadership and integrated into business and people strategies.

 Where do we stand?

Having a diverse workforce, with employees drawn from all backgrounds and cultures, is good for our business. It helps us to better reflect and understand our patients, payers and the healthcare professionals we serve in increasingly global markets – and ultimately to develop the medicines that society needs. We promote diversity and inclusion by:

  • Respecting the different skills, capabilities and creativity of our employees.
  • Fostering a culture where individual success depends on ability, behaviour, performance and demonstrated potential.
  • Making sure that recruitment, development and promotion are based on merit.
  • Building management teams that reflect the diversity of our markets and our employees.
  • Working to create an environment where employees feel supported in managing the demands of work and personal life.

Opportunities to promote the spirit of inclusion and cultural diversity at AstraZeneca are made possible through our Employer Network Groups.

Diversity and Inclusion Principles:

Click here to learn about our Diversity and Inclusion Principles.

Last reviewed: February 9, 2015